Job Manager

Job Application Management with WordPress:

Job Manager provides an array of features not offered on simple Job Board plugins.

Small and Medium Business (SMB) can utilize this plugin to take charge of their hiring process in a most cost effective solution. It’s Open Source and FREE to use on your Self Hosted WordPress based web site.

Some of  our FEATURES: 

  • Outbound Applicant Email Tracking – Set up interviews and track emails you have sent by candidate and job application.
  • Interview Scheduling – Easily keep track of who you’re interviewing and when, with interview ratings and internal comments.
  • Comments – Keep internal comments on interviews and applications, so you’re easily able to aggregate and recall thoughts on each applicant. 
  • Application Form Templating – Allows you the ability to customize the look of your application forms.
  • Custom Jobs Per Page – Easily organize you jobs by listing the number of jobs to display per page.
  • Custom Job Fields. Like the Application Form, you can add custom fields to Jobs, so you can display the information that is pertinent to your organization.
  • Job and Job List Templates. You can completely customize the HTML that is produced for lists of jobs, and individual jobs.
  • No more maintaining text widgets with links to your job categories, or lists of latest jobs.

Download the plugin today and check it out

Job Manager details on Plugin Directory

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